Ad Rotator Network Traffic

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Your Website Must Be Able To Load Within An Iframe To Get Added To The Rotator
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, iTunes, eBay, Amazon And Free Website Builders Will Not Work


GET NOTICED Your website is added in to a rotator running 24/7 on several high-traffic websites, including Paid to Click, Revenue Share & manual surf exchange sites. Every time the rotator is viewed it shows each slot in order, equally. Giving you great exposure. ---- HOW IT WORKS We pay for advertising slots on many high traffic websites and use our rotator to advertise our customers websites, the rotator runs 24/7/365 sending our customers guaranteed real visitors giving real conversions.
FAST APPROVAL Orders are processed in a matter of minutes or up to 12 hours from ordering. All you do is place your order and your slot will be added into our AD Rotator.  ---- VISITOR STATISTICS A campaign will be created for you on an AD ROTATOR traffic exchange system. You will only be able to track the traffic on your own google analytics or statcounter accounts.
INCREASE TRAFFIC Thousands of potential customers and referrals see your website (from several high-traffic websites). Getting your website or landing page seen in dozens of sites, by thousands of people, maximizing your website and business web exposure. ---- INCREASE YOUR SALES This web traffic is perfectly tailored for anyone who is selling a product, service or idea. Your website is seen by real people who will see your product or service giving you the sales and signups you well and truly deserve.