Dofollow Backlinks

The highest valued backlinks: Only DOFOLLOW and ACTUAL Page High PR. Meaning that not only High PR in the root of the domain, but the actual inner page High PR. Where your Anchor and link will be placed. Limited time offer!!!

Dofollow and Actual Page High PR









The High PR Dofollow Backlink Package contains dofollow links with a PR between 2 to 7.

You get all the High PR Dofollow links from pages with a 2+ PR. 

So we talk about Page PR not Domain PR. 
Use these Packages to increase the Pagerank of your web site.
Dofollow blog commenting is one of the most effective off-page optimization methods.
The Pagerank various from PR2 to PR7. The urls are randomly loaded from our database. 


All work is done manually.



What makes this service better compared to other comment posting services?

 - All links are DOFOLLOW

 - High PR Only (PR2-7)

 - Backlinks from High PR pages only! Actual Pages!

 - Low OBL
 - Supports special chars like chinese, greek etc...

 - Very detailed report
 - Affordable prices
 - No duplicate links.

 - 100% Verified Live Links

 - No Javascript Links

 - Delivery time 4-5 days